3 Reasons Why David Heinemeier Hansson is Correct: You Don’t Need Investors to Start a Business

DHH during Dave Thomas' TalkPersonally, I think David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) is correct when he says that the VC, angel investment is a gamble, and that entrepreneurs should be very careful when taking money from investors. DHH is the founder of Ruby on Rails and Partner at 37Signals. I recently listend to an interview with DHH on a podcast, and I’ve been listening to DHH’s thoughts and philosophies ever since I started on my own entrepreneurial journey.

Bootstrapped Business VS Angel/VC-Funded Startup

Spils giving some coding tips to DHHWhen I was just starting out as an entrepreneur, I would listen to DHH’s point of view of the long-term, sustainable, profitable and bootstrapped business, and I would compare it with the view of actual angel investors, venture capitals and …

3 Ways to Come Up With Ideas For Your Next Business

ThoughtAre you stuck trying to figure out how to come up with a business idea for your next startup? This post will help you, based on my current experiences tryin to figure out a new business that I will launch.

Take Time to Think Through Your Business Ideas

In my post yesterday, I talked about how I recently sold my previous startup business, and I am now in the process of transitioning to move on to another idea. So this post is just as relevant for me right now as it is for you.

I’ve been reflecting on what sort of things I want in my next venture. What sort of factors should I consider for it? What makes it a good business idea versus one that will suck and won’t work?

3 Factors For Your …

5 Ways to Know You Should Quit Your Startup & Move On

Red Fail Should you quit your startup or keep going? This is one of the saddest posts that I’m writing, as it signals defeat of my startup and also personal failure. But this is an informed-kind of defeat, and it is an important decision to make, because you don’t want to waste your time and your life on a startup that is essentially dead or part of the “walking dead”.

It Feels Hard to Quit A Startup You Built from Nothing

Amelia's Sad Face

Recently, I’ve sold my startup business operations in Latin America. I’ve had to let it go. I’ve also chosen to wind down to a slower pace the operations in Australia. This is so hard to write about, and my heart and soul feels so …

Difference between Vision, Mission, Goals & Values for Your Startup or Non-Profit

Hi everyone its Matt from MatthewAlberto.com. Where I’m passionate about tech and social entrepreneurship. I’m here today to help you figure out the difference between your vision, your mission, your goals, and your values.

Founder Asks for Help Establishing Her Organization

So apart from leading, and founding and running my own enterprises, that try and change the world through technology, and social entrepreneurship. I also from time to time, consult and help non-profits, and also social enterprises, to get their own visions laid out. And to get their projects up and running. telescope-122959_640 So recently I had a lady from the US, who’s originally from Africa, but now is in the US. She’s actually trying to set up a non-profit base in the US, but need linkages to Africa and other developing countries. And I …

5 Startup Chile Lessons Learned from My Startup Chile Adventure

Hi, everybody. It’s Matthew Alberto here at matthewalberto.com. It’s been quite a while since I posted. I realize that. I’ve actually been busy, being on the ground, really working hard, working on my start-ups, working on my ventures, trying to make an impact on the world, trying to change the world and make a dent in it, to do something great. It really meant some time off my blog and really focusing on my projects. The projects have been going well, and I think it’d be great to just come back and really start blogging again and to share my learnings, my findings, my lessons, and share them with you.

Startup Chile – The Global Startup Accelerator in South America

This post today is about the five start-up lessons from my Start-Up Chile adventure. I was actually a part of Generation 9.2 of Start-Up …

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