10 Social Entrepreneur Blogs To Follow in 2011

Social Entrepreneurship Blogs
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Keeping up to date with the blogosphere of social entrepreneurship can be important for social entrepreneurs.

Why Following Social Entrepreneurship Blogs Can Help You

It can be fascinating to read about the personal stories and insights from social entrepreneurs themselves.

It can also be interesting to read about new developments in social innovation and techniques for social impact.

The top social entrepreneur blogs are also great for helping you discover about the latest ways to find funding for your social enterprise.

The Difficulty in Finding Good Quality Social Enterprise Blogs Today

Unfortunately, as I was trying to look for the top social entrepreneurship blogs recently, I came across websites that gave certain lists.

However, many of those lists are outdated. Some of the links to social entrepreneur blogs don’t work. Furthermore, I clicked onto some blogs, but while the blogs were still up, there hadn’t been an update for many months or many years in some cases!

It’s really annoying and I felt I wanted to help out the social entrepreneurship community by giving you an updated list of current blogs which specialize in social entrepreneurship but they also work and have constant updates.

Read the News, Ideas & Experiences of Other Social Entrepreneurs On These 10 Blogs

My own website is fully dedicated to helping passionate people around the world help other people and change the world. It’s a mammoth task and I admit that I can’t write about every foreseeable topic and trend.

That’s why I felt it was necessary to highlight the blogs of other social entrepreneurs and socially responsible people and companies out there.

Here are 10 social entrepreneur blogs for you to check out in 2011:

1. Social ROI: A Social Entrepreneurship Blog

Tagline: A blog about how social entrepreneurship is making this world a better place.

Description: Social ROI’s goal is to enable social entrepreneurship and to spread the word about some of the good stuff that’s happening in the space.

Visit the Blog: Social ROI

2. School for Social Entrepreneurs Blog

Description: The School for Social Entrepreneurs is an organisation in the UK providing support and learning programmes to individual social entrepreneurs (and their organisations).

Founded by (Lord) Michael Young, the UK’s foremost serial social entrepreneur, the SSE now has centres in East London, Fife, Belfast, East Midlands, Liverpool and West Midlands, as well as Australia.

Visit the Blog: School for Social Entrepreneurs Blog

3. Social Edge Blogs

Tagline: A Program of the Skoll Foundation

Description: Social Edge is the global online community where social entrepreneurs and other practitioners of the social benefit sector connect to network, learn, inspire and share resources.

Within the Social Edge community, there are actually dozens of individual blogs from social entrepreneurs and experts throughout the world.

Visit the Blog: Social Edge

4. Social Executive: News for Social Entrepreneurs

Tagline: Social Entrepreneur blog for the world changers

Description: This blog was created for the world changer, Peter Nguyen. The blog is constantly trying to provide relevant posts for social entrepreneurs.

Peter Nguyen himself is quite interesting. He is currently the Executive Director of Asian American International Ministries. He has started six business start ups over the past six years as an entrepreneur, worked as a marketing consultant for the global leader in electronic payments and is a contributing writer for a diversity business publication. For the past six years, Nguyen served in various leadership roles for youth, college, and young adult ministries in the Vietnamese American community.

Visit the Blog: Social Executive

5. Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) Blog

Description:SSIR is a part of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University. Its mission is to share substantive insights and practical experiences that will help those who do the important work of improving society do it even better.

Visit the Blog: Stanford SSIR Blog

6. Social & Cultural Entrepreneur

Description: The blog explores entrepreneurship from a cultural and social point of view. Or rather put forward entrepreneurial initiatives within these two fields.

The main author is Lotta Lekvall who is Director of Nätverkstan, a Cultural and Civil Society Organization based in Göteborg, Sweden.

She explores entrepreneurship within the culture and social sector, from different angles and a wide definition that she finds during her everyday work and life at Nätverkstan.

Visit the Blog: Social & Cultural Entrepreneur

7. Microsoft Unlimited Potential Blog

Description: Microsoft is one of the largest and wealthiest companies on the planet. I respect that they have a blog that delves into social responsibility and corporate citizenship.

The mission of the Unlimited Potential blog is to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.

Visit the Blog: Microsoft Unlimited Potential Blog

8. Green Marketing TV

Tagline: Empowering Green & Social Entrepreneurs

Description: Green Marketing TV covers the art of green and social entrepreneurship, through insightful articles on successful businesses, interviews with visionary entrepreneurs, down-to-earth marketing tips, hands on tutorials, and more.

The mission at Green Marketing TV is to inspire individuals to participate in the green economy, by providing stories, tools and information to empower positive social change.

Visit the Blog: Green Marketing TV

9. Ryan Allis: Dare Mighty Things

Tagline: Thoughts of a Tech Entrepreneur & Social Entrepreneur

Description: Ryan Allis is a technology entrepreneur and social entrepreneur from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Ryan has been an entrepreneur since he started Allis Computing at age 11 in 1995. Today, Ryan is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of iContact, the leading global provider of email marketing services to small and mid-sized businesses.

iContact is a socially responsible high-growth venture backed technology company headquartered in North Carolina, USA. iContact utilizes the 4-1s Corporate Social Responsibility Model in which they give 1% of payroll, 1% of employee time to community volunteering, 1% of equity, and 1% of product (to non-profit organizations in North Carolina) as part of its social mission.

Visit the Blog: Ryan Allis: Dare Mighty Things

10. Social Velocity

Description: Social Velocity’s blog helps those nonprofit organizations who are solving problems do so better, bigger, more effectively, and more sustainably.

The blog gives nonprofit staff, board members and donors the tools, skills, experience and insight to grow their solutions, use their limited resources more effectively, and sustainably finance their social impact.

The driving force behind the blog is Nell Edgington who has over 15 years of experience innovating in the nonprofit sector. In her work at Social Velocity she has helped nonprofits grow their programs, find firmer financial footing, create a pitch for money to strengthen or grow their organizations, create strategic plans and much more.

Visit the Blog: Social Velocity Blog