10 Social Entrepreneur Traits Which Make Them a Role Model

Recently I wrote about the qualities of young and modern entrepreneurs. One of the common threads, when reading that list, is the importance of the social dimension in entrepreneurship nowadays for your business ideas.

Social Entrepreneurs as Role Models

Following on from the importance of the social aspect of today’s entrepreneurs, you come to realize that social entrepreneurs are therefore leaders and role models in our society. They have the ideas and the drive and the willingness to make change happen in a positive way.

As role models, social entrepreneurs are often looked up to by their peers and the people who they have the ability to touch. That is why as you embark on your own social entrepreneurial journey, I have consistently emphasised the importance of being true to yourself.

What are the Social Entrepreneur Traits Which Make Them Role Models?

J. Gregory Dees, from the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship at Duke University in the US, once pointed out 10 social entrepreneur traits which demonstrated how social entrepreneurs are role models in society.

Social entrepreneurs:

  1. are change agents
  2. hold bold visions of qualitative change
  3. address the causes of problems, rather than simply treating symptoms
  4. seek to create systemic changes and sustainable improvements
  5. adopt a mission based on their values and vision
  6. entertain, recognize and relentlessly pursue new possibilities
  7. are engaged in a continuous process of exploring, learning and improving
  8. treat failure of a project as a learning experience, not a personal tragedy
  9. act boldly despite perceived and real limitations
  10. exhibit a heightened sense of accountability to those they’re serving

Your Leadership in the Community

As a social innovator, you must therefore consider yourself as a role model, and must act accordingly. You have taken the responsibility to help our world through your business ideas.

I think that through the way that you act and the way that you conduct your business, you have the ability to influence others too.