10 Ways To Encourage Creativity in Your Team

As the new year takes hold, I believe you should let your creative juices flowing.

Creativity in a Team

I believe however that the most creative ideas or good business ideas don’t only come from one person, but from a team of people who work together to come up with something todally unique. A team is able to share their different life experiences and talents, and all of these can be fused together to create a new idea.

Creativity Must Be Encouraged

Just now, I’ve thought of 10 different ways that you can encourage creativity in your team. Here they are!

  1. Brainstorm – Allow brainstorming sessions with your team
  2. Listen to New Ideas – Let your team members voice their opinions openly
  3. Teamwork – Build a team who work together in a spirit of harmony
  4. Write Down Creative Ideas – Use a whiteboard or pen and paper to write down your thoughts
  5. The Creative Habit – Hold consistent creative meetings so that your team form a habit of creativity
  6. Use Pictures – Use diagrams, flow charts and mind maps to express your opinions
  7. Take Action! – Take your team on an adventure outside the office
  8. Try Something New – Change your office “routine” every so often so that people don’t get bored and complacent
  9. Visualize Creativity – Use colorful and decorative images and words that inspire creativity
  10. Set the Bar – Be creative yourself and set an example. Be a little crazy!… once in a while =)

Share Your Tips on Building Creativity

What are some ways that you are going to encourage creativity to build upon good business ideas in your team?