12 Tips to Help Social Entrepreneurs Become More Results Oriented

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I am a huge advocate for social entrepreneurs achieving results.

Social Entrepreneurship is All About Achieving Results that Are World Changing

People who want to change the world and make a difference should go beyond just merely wishing and hoping. They should take action and then they should have measurable results to prove that what they’ve done has actually achieved something!

I present 12 tips to help social entrepreneurs and passionate people to become more results oriented:

1. Set Goals

You have to determine what kind of results you actually want. That’s where goal setting comes in. Set large goals for yourself and your social enterprise because these can inspire you and your team.

2. Measure Your Achievements

There’s no point in setting goals unless you actually check how you’re going. There’s a saying which goes like this: “What gets measured, gets achieved.” I think this is important for social entrepreneurs to remember.

3. Set Deadlines For Results

When you set your goals, be sure that you have a target deadline. Having a deadline for yourselff can give you that added pressure and motivation to get things done immediately.

4. Know the Difference Between an Output and an Outcome

In management thinking, there is actually a difference between at outcome and an output. This can be an important distinction when you are monitoring for your results. An outcome is an overall state of being that you would like to see be achieved, but it may involve a number of factors – some of which may be out of your control. For example, one of your personal outcomes may be “world peace.” An output is a specific result that you can achieve which will help lead to the achievement of the outcome. For example, an output for you may be to conduct 3 peace education seminars in local schools. You can decide how specific or general you want to be with your outcomes and outputs. Overall, I thinnk the message is that you need to recognize what you can and can’t control and achieve.

5. Remember the Purpose and Meaning Behind Your Actions

Sometimes you can get caught up in taking action. You get wrapped up in doing and doing. You forget about why you actually are taking actions in the first place. Constantly remember in the back of your mind why you are taking certain actions. This can also help you focus on the big picture results that you’re after, rather than the little actions.

6. Ensure That Your Entire Team is Focused on Results

It’s no use if it’s only you that is results oriented. Sure, your exmaple will be spread to others. Nevertheless, your other colleagues and partners may get caught up in taking actions with no meaning. Remind them that achieving results is key.

7. Chunk Your Goals To Make Them Easier

You may have a huge goal to change the world. That’s massive and inspirational. It can even be a little overwhelming and that’s why many people don’t believe they can do it. Break down your goals so that each of your mini goals are achievable and practical, and can take you a step further to achieving your Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

8. Prioritize the Results You’re After

If you’re passionate and crazy, you probably have alot of goals that you want to achieve already. Social entrepreneurs tend to have a lot on their plate. Realize that you can’t do all of them at once. It’s better to focus on one goal at a time and achieve it before you move on to the next.

9. If You Failed, Then Learn From It

Being results oriented doesn’t mean that you actually achieve everything you set out to do. There will be times when your actions will end up in “failed” results. It’s in times like these that you should learn from your mistakes and weaknesses. You can grow and change to become better.

10. Surround Yourself with Mentors Who Will Inspire You

Nothing can make you more motivated to achieve your goals than by haning out with motivational people. Surround yourself with positive people who believe that you can achieve what you set out to do. They can give you tips and advice on how you can develop yourself and change the world.

11. Just Do It!

A HUGE part of achieving results is to actually take action. You can’t get the results without taking action, so get up out of your chair and start executing your plans. Plan your work, but then also work your plans.

12. Once You Succeed, Go For Bigger Goals

Many entrepreneurs may feel like they reach a plateau once they have achieved a few of their goals. Social entrepreneurship is about changing the world, in my opinion. If you’ve succeeded at achieving some results, don’t stop there. You will get bored and stagnant. Reach for higher so that you can do more and be more in your lifetime.

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