13 Social Enterprise Business Models

Before social entrepreneurs focus on their business plan and execution, they must select a worthwhile business model.

Find a Social Enterprise Business Model That Works For You

Compassion Politics has put together a fantastic list of social enterprise business models that you could choose from.

The 12 social enterprise business models that they put forward include:

  1. Collaborative Consumption
  2. Training, Networks, Events Association for Social Entrepreneurs
  3. Sustainable Sourcing
  4. Training and Job Support for the Disadvantaged
  5. Microfinance and Micro Enterprises
  6. Wholesale Purchasing for Selling to the Poor
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility Model
  8. Fair Trade Model
  9. Social Enterprise Incubator
  10. Business in a Box or Microfranchises
  11. Consulting for Green Business, Social Businesses and Non-Profits
  12. Recycling Businesses
  13. Wellness and Nutrition Businesses, especially Those Using Sustainable or Green Resources for Developing Countries

Choosing a Business Model for Your Social Enterprise

When you first start out on your social enterprise, you will most likely have to experiment with a variety of business models. Key factors for choosing your business model are the model’s scalability, profitablility, potential for social impact as well as your competitive advantages for executing a certain model.