2 Ways to Improve Your Imagination


Use your imagination to propel your business forward.

As a social businessperson, as a social entrepreneur, one of your key defining factors is the use of your imagination when developing business ideas.

Harnessing that power of your imagination – the power to “think outside the box”, to think laterally – is the way to go if you want to be solving social issues, and you want to be solving them in an innovative way.

Now, I’ve got 2 tips for you in the way that you can harness and grow your own imagination.

1. Think of Opposites

One of the ways is to think of a problem. Think of a problem as it is and think of it in the worst possible way that you can. Think of all the different aspects of it that could just go absolutely wrong. And then, use your imagination. Close your eyes and then think of the absolute opposite of that – the absolute opposite where everything would be actually completely solved. Where instead of it being the worst, imagine the circumstances for which it could be, for it to be the best. Now that’s one way to use your imagination and one effective way for you to solve problems laterally.

2. Mixing Concepts Together

A second way that you could use your imagination is to think of a concept and then think of a totally different concept. Just try and be crazy with this. Now think of the characteristics of one concept. Let’s think of a concept like an elephant. An elephant is big and strong. It’s got tusks, it’s exotic, it’s a creature, it’s powerful. You think of all those characteristics, and then think of another’s characteristics. Maybe it’s the solution you’re trying to find. And then try and mix the characteristics together.

Imagine A Better World

You can mix the characteristics for your product or for your service. By mixing totally different concepts together, you can create a totally new and different experience in the world.

You can be a creator by just using your imagination and deliver this through your business ideas.

My challenge to you, through your imagination, is to imagine a better world by imagining better solutions.