5 Ways to Be Persuasive

Guy Kawasaki, who has his own blog entitled ‘How to Change the World‘, has written 5 ways to be persuasive.

Now this is really important for social entrepreneurs, and people wanting to influence others through new business ideas.

Guy lists the 5 ways as:

  1. Be the first to give.
  2. Don’t offer too many choices.
  3. Argue against self-interest.
  4. Losses are more persuasive than gains.
  5. Make people feel as if they’ve already made progress toward a goal.

If you want to read more about his tips on persuasion, check out his article here.

Giving First

Out of the 5 tips, I would particularly emphasise point one: “Be the first one to give when it comes to new business ideas.” I like to think of this point as meaning that you must give more value than the other person could expect. It works very closely with the ‘law of reciprocity’, and the way that humans tend to want to give back to others who have given to them. I’ve seen it in my own life and experience, especially when other people give things to me for free, and I just feel a natural urge to want to help them out, too. This is very useful to understand as a social leader and influencer.

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