Partner Up and POWER UP This Year

Creative Commons License photo credit: cjmartin

This is your year.

I’m calling the attention of all entrepreneurs, social innovators and passionate people out there in the world!

You want to do great things this year. You should. If not this year, then when?

Play in a Team

Many people, however, feel demotivated. It’s true that when you attempt to do things on your own, it may feel too stressful, overwhelming and impossible. A funny thing happens though when you work in a team. You can try this through social networking for business support on Facebook and Twitter and see how much motivation you can receive through the positive comments and fans.

This year, why not consider taking some of your friends and peers along with you on your journey? Partner up and POWER UP!

Partnership is All About Relationships

While I’ve visited Sydney at the beginning of January, I’ve caught up with many of my friends and family. It always feels great to catch up and hang out with them espcially during the holiday season.

There were some friends, nevertheless, whom I noticed were very keen to achieve some of the same goals and do similar projects as myself. This year, I’ve made the clear intention that I want to partner up with more people who are aligned with me, and with whom I can help too.

Since I’ve started having meetings with some of my partners, I’ve already felt a greater sense of synergy. It can be very uplifting and inspiring to hear their ideas and to come up with a plan of massive action together.

Make It Your Year…Together With Others

If you’re keen to make this your year, consider taking a partner along with you on the ride. You can then reach greater heights.

Reflect on the people who you know. Think of friends and peers who could be your partner. What strengths do they have which could help you? What value could you offer them in return?

Make sure you choose partners who you feel can be long term allies, who are trustworthy and who can help you soar. Sometimes, your greatest allies will be your family and friends or those you have found through social networking for business.

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