The Difference Between Social Entrepreneur & Social Enterprise?

Many people who want to find out more about social entrepreneurship will often want to know the definitions involved.

Two of the most basic definitions are for a social entrepreneur and a social enterprise.

But what’s the difference between these 2 basic ideas?

Distinguishing Between “Social Entrepreneur” and “Social Enterprise”

Robert Ashton puts forward a useful distinction for us in his book, How to be a Social Entrepreneur: Make Money and Change the World.

  • Social Entrepreneur: Someone who works in an entrepreneurial manner, but for public or social benefit rather than simply to make money.


  • Social Enterprise: A business trading for social and environmental purposes.

Definitional Evolutions for Social Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprise

This distinction is rather basic.

I think it’s good to start in basic terms for now, particularly because both concepts of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise are rather new and constantly in a state of evolution and change.

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