Ecopreneur Speaks at University

Old worm farm (1 of 7)
Creative Commons License photo credit: Tim Musson

Tom Szaky is an ecopreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of TerraCycle, a company specializing in re-purposing non-recyclable post-consumer waste.

He spoke at the University of Florida recently on the topics of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. His speech was titled “Rethinking Waste: Eco-Capitalism in Challenged Economic Times”, and it explored opportunities that exist in today’s environment, how to see and capitalize on hidden assets, growing business in a constrained economy and the importance of a big idea. The even was free and open to the public.

Szaky started TerraCycle while he was still a student at Princeton University, after he noticed the potential for organic waste to be converted to organic fertilizer through vermicomposting, which uses worms to compost. Since then, the concept of “sponsored waste” has attracted more than 14 million people in 11 countries.

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