How to Become a Social Entrepreneur

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Creative Commons License photo credit: dweekly

Over the last decade social entrepreneurship has become recognized by all sectors of society for its positive impact on all sorts of social problems. A new foundation, called Global Youth Fund, seeks to inspire as many young people as possible to pursue their dream of becoming a social entrepreneur.

Many people are inspired and have great ideas for a social business, but taking that vision to reality can be daunting. There are several issues that can stand in the way, including fear of taking the wrong action, fear of having little impact on a problem, and not enough support to get their efforts off the ground.

None of these are trivial concerns.

In order to tackle them on a large scale there needs to be a new road map to help individuals and teams to launch new social change initiatives more easily. Problem solving requires creativity, and innovators need to stay open-minded to different solutions and avoid locking in on one too quickly.