Social Entrepreneurship MBA in the UK

Divine choclate easter eggs
Creative Commons License photo credit: net_efekt

The Simmons School of Management in the UK offers a social entrepreneurship MBA.

Students in this program recently toured the country to visit companies that are good for people, the planet and profits. There is still a lot of debate on how to define social entrepreneurship, and exactly what fits into this category and what does not.

One fact that became obvious on the trip is that companies struggling to do good spend as much time on in-fighting as those focused purely on profit, and ideology was in some cases rampant. However, students found much that was inspiring on the trip as well, as they observed companies that prove you don’t have to be brutal or exploitative to flourish.

Divine Chocolate, for example, is a fair-trade cooperative that is 45% owned by the Ghanaian cocoa farmers who supply the chocolate, meaning that even if the company were sold, its suppliers would benefit.