Ecopreneur Success Story

Autumn Cycle [Photo by moriza] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Ecopreneur Krates Ng interviewed a fellow ecopreneur who founded Orotnas, a sustainable oil company which has just launched a line of eco friendly bike care products.

Orontas began when its co-founders saw a gap in the market which they could fill with some exciting products. The Toronto-based company faced its toughest challenge in staying focused on a few top ideas since they have so many in the pipeline.

There’s a certain patience and methodical nature that doesn’t come naturally to these entrepreneurs, yet they’ve had to master it in order to succeed. The first time that they saw their products on a store shelf, they knew they had hit full stride as a business. The BikeCare Lubricant was the first big Orontas product that was picked up by retailers, but the Plant-Based Lube was the hardest to bring to market because it is already a very crowded space.