3 Ethical Fashion Trends

edición 8 revista Exclama - El rock de Little Ramonas [Photo by ottonassar] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

They say that what you wear often represents much about who you are.

For people with a social consciousness, wearing ethical fashion can be a way to look good, feel good and do good all at the same time.

Here are 3 ethical fashion trends that are happening around the world:

1. Ethical Fashion Show

The Ethical Fashion Show in Paris, France will bring together ethical fashion designers from around the world at the Carrousel du Louvre this September.

This will be the 8th year that the show has been held in Paris, and the 2011 event will include over 100 designer showrooms from internationally acclaimed designers, round tables that discuss the clothing industry trends, local skills and textiles, runway shows and a video and exhibition zone.

The goal of the event is to show that ethical fashion can combine cutting-edge design with social and environmental benefits. It is also designed to encourage more influence from developing country designers, and to facilitate networking between ethical designers and textile buyers.

This year the show will feature styles from a diverse group of international designers, including participants form Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Nigeria, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Canada, Peru and many more.

2. Ethical Fashion Indie Designs

A world away, A San Francisco Bay Area online ethical fashion company will be hosting a fashion exhibition of their own at the San Francisco Bay Area’s Treasure Island Flea Market.

The SET Boutique will have a booth in the Indie Designs section of the popular open air market to promote their ethical fashion line, which ranges from fair trade jewelry to recycled lap top cases. The owner of SET Boutique Lindsay Sullivan believes in the mission of the Treasure Island Flea market to provide an affordable platform for local entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas and products directly to consumers.

Although SET Boutique does not operate a retail location, Sullivan hopes that the booth at the flea market will be a great way to promote the company and the idea of ethical fashion outside of the online world.

3. How Ethical Fashion Uses Social Media

Back in Europe, a Madrid-based company is using social media in an innovative way to promote the launch of their ethical fashion line.

The campaign uses Facebook, QR codes, and apps to connect buyers and the makers of particular items of clothing in the line. Called the IOU Project, the company offers scarves, shirts, and dresses that are each made by hand and identified with its own QR code. This code opens a link called “this item’s journey”, which leads the buyer to pictures and profiles of the weaver who created the fabric and of the artisan who cut the material and created the design.

Via the IOU Project’s iPhone app, the buyer is then able to take a photo of themselves on their iPhone and upload it via the IOU Project’s app so that the weaver and the artisan can see their creation being worn by someone elsewhere in the world.