Advice on Getting Social Entrepreneurship Jobs

Office Politics: A Rise to the Top [Photo by Alex E. Proimos] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Social entrepreneurship jobs can appeal to many people, which makes them competitive.

In order to get a job with a social enterprise, there are certain recommended strategies, as highlighted in a book by Rupert Scofield called “The Social Entrepreneur’s Handbook”. These include gaining real world experience in the field through internships and volunteer work. Scofield gives a personal example in the book of his own experience in the Peace Corps, which inspired him to start a microfinance organization which also provided counseling to low-income business owners.

Social entrepreneurship jobs are also a great way to gain experience for eventually starting your own company, and this experience can make a big difference in applying for funding from various sources. Scofield explains how to build internal pillars of income within a nonprofit, and how this income can be used to scale an organization globally.