Examples of Social Entrepreneurship From Africa

Ethiopia [Photo by babasteve] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Some of the best examples of social entrepreneurship have come out of Africa. One of the things that has held back development in many developing countries in Africa is the lack of a cashless banking system like that which exists in the developed world.

Social entrepreneurs in Africa are now looking to change that by pioneering the use of mobile devices as debit cards for the rural, unbanked population. This becomes a practical solution as cell phone use has grown rapidly throughout Africa in the last ten years. It is now a fact that almost everyone in countries like Ethiopia, Uganda and Niger have cell phones which work in the most remote villages.

Farmers in these communities are using cell phones to access important data like crop prices and weather changes. Social enterprise companies such as Mobile Transactions in Zambia have helped cotton farmers to receive payments electronically via cell phone.