Harvard Social Entrepreneurship Publishing Business

Harvard Coop at Harvard Square [Photo by flowerego] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

A Harvard social entrepreneurship publishing business was founded by three alumni in order to publish fiction with a social message on their own terms, with all profits donated to charities.

The first charity they chose to donate to was Doctors Without Borders. The alumni met each other on the university discussion boards, and never met personally until a recent meet-up in Paris. They operate their publishing house, Harvard Square Editions, independent of an office. So far they’ve managed to publish three titles, and have three more planned for the end of this month.

The new titles include “A Weapon to End War”, “Travelling Light”, and “Patchwork”. A previous title called “Above Ground: An Anthology of Living Fiction” was written by Harvard alumni, and its launch was accompanied by author readings from the anthology.