Social Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition

Graph With Stacks Of Coins [Photo by kenteegardin] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

A social entrepreneurship business plan competition at the University of Florida is accepting applications from those with ideas for both for-profit and nonprofit social business models.

Students who enter the competition are encouraged to develop entrepreneurial approaches to challenging social problems, and the competition pays out $1500 for first place teams and $500 for second place winners. Business plans are judged by a panel composed of experts in the field, which include some UF alumni, school board members and faculty, and practicing social entrepreneurs.

Winners are selected based on a points system for ranking different criteria, including the strength of the plan’s executive summary, business description, marketing, management and operations analysis, and financial information. A large focus is placed on the feasibility of the model, including the sustainability of proposed funding sources and the projected contribution to society of the solution.

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