Social Entrepreneurship Organization in Africa

women walking to market [Photo by sly06] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Fashion designer Nicole Miller has announced her partnership with a social entrepreneurship organization called Indego Africa, which helps to empower women in Rwanda via fair-trade and training programs.

This organization has pursued a successful strategy of collaboration with high-end retailers around the world where they have found a lucrative market for quality hand-made goods from Africa. The company works to establish sustainable businesses in small communiites, with funds from the sale of handicrafts being used to provide skills training and income to local women.

Nicole Miller is collaborating with Indego to produce a new line of textile bangles, wrap skirts and shorts. These products will be produced in Rwandan towns which were most damaged the horrible genocide in 1994. The products are available for purchase online, with bangles retailing for $25 each clothing items starting at $65.