Social Entrepreneurship Research Center

social_media_sketch_09 [Photo by birgerking] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable development (CEGESUD) is a social entrepreneurship research and outreach center run by 20 research fellows.

The research goal of the center is to examine the impacts of globalization in Africa and within the US minority communities. The center also serves as a lab for social entrepreneurship and environmentally-friendly “eco-clusters” in support of sustainable development. In its community outreach capacity, the center actively helps to build grass-roots entrepreneurial capacity in the state of Indiana, as well as across the country and in some African countries through workforce development.

The founding director of the new center at Indiana-Purdue University, Bessie House-Soremekun, has years of experience in creating business training programs at entrepreneurial centers across the state of Ohio. She is an expert in grant writing and the author of six books, including the award-winning “Confronting the Odds: African American Entrepreneirship in Cleveland, Ohio.”