Benefits of Using Business Plan Software

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What to Look For in Business Plan Software?

When selecting business plan software it’s important to keep in mind that simplest is not always best, but that the most flexible software packages also often require more advanced levels of knowledge to create a professional presentation. There are two basic types of business planning software, which are the standalone packages which typically provide a wizard-driven interface, and the packages that include Microsoft Word and Excel documents that can be customized by the user.

Standalone options are usually a better choice for beginners, because they provide step-by-step instructions and internal tips and hints throughout the process. For more advanced users that are familiar with Microsoft products the business plan template packages are a good choice because they allow for a more flexible format while automating the complex formulas, table and charts which will save a lot of time versus creating a plan from scratch.

Smart Business Plan Software

Business plan software called Plan Write is a top selling package that has been updated for 2011. The software includes detailed examples for every item of an effective business plan, and features a library of sample business plans that are actual business plans from real businesses. All of these plans have won awards at the prestigious International Mootcorp Competition, where they were judged by venture capitalists as the best business plan presentations.

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Built-in wizards in Plan Write guide users through the process and shape their plans to reflect the unique character and goals of their business. The software also automatically generates complete financial statements, color charts and graphs in the format that is expected by bankers and investors. There is also a feature that generates PowerPoint Presentations automatically in the template that the user chooses for professional presentation.

Free Business Plan Software

For those who don’t want to pay for their business plan software, there are some free solutions available as well. For example, the Plan Write Business Planner is a comprehensive free software tool for preparing and completing a business plan. It is aimed at first-time planners but planning professionals should find it useful as well, as it incorporates an extensive business plan structure that is linked to a text processor, financial spreadsheet, extensive graphics and online help such as wizards, examples, samples and external links.

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This software is fully customizable and includes facilities for exporting to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as to PDF format and the internet. The big benefit of this software is that it uses a proven business plan structure which can be easily changed to suit your specific needs. It allows small business owners to create a professional presentation that will get the right results from management, investors and lenders.