Better World Books Online Bookstore With Soul

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Fund Literacy, Care for the Environment, and get a Fair Price on the Books you Want.

Better World Books collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives around the world. The company has over 8 million new and used titles in stock, and they have grown into a profitable triple-bottom-line company. Founded in 2002 by three friends from the University of Notre Dame who began selling textbooks online to earn some money, the venture quickly turned into a business with a mission.

Rather then being a traditional company with an add-on social cause component, was formed around the concepts of social and environmental responsibility and these principles are part of everything that the company does. They are currently breaking new ground in the world of online book-selling by helping to fund high-impact literacy programs in the US and abroad, as well as offering free shipping on all of their books worldwide.

Better World Books Background

Customers have responded warmly to Better World Books’ socially-conscious business practices, and the companies sales have benefited as a result. Every order that he company ships is carbon neutral with offsets from and Green-e Climate, and the company has converted millions of donated books into over $8 million in funding for literacy and education. By doing so they are also diverting more than 26,000 tons of books from landfills.

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The company’s primary literacy partners around the world help them to find new homes for unwanted books. The company has been reporting triple digit growth in its online traffic, especially during the holiday rush season, and they have been selling a lot of gift certificates as well. The company has already far exceeded the $4.5 million in venture capital that they raised from Good Capital back in April 2008.