Cause Marketing Seminars Start Tomorrow

Autism Awarness Cause Ribbon of Colorful Puzzle Pieces with a Cherub Angel Figurine Statue of a Child [Photo by Beverly & Pack] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Just wanted to give you all a heads up regarding the non-profit marketing seminars that will start tomorrow.

They’re run by Holly Jackson at CottageCopy, and I wrote more about the details in a blog post I wrote yesterday which gives you in depth details about the non profit marketing teleclasses.

A major challenge in any non profit and social enterprise is the balancing between getting more funds for your cause and the minimization of nagging your donors and supporters. You want to keep your message and reputation positive, and that’s why developing your skills in cause marketing can really help you take your cause to the next level.

Click here to join the online event which will be able to help you develop more rapport with donors and participants of your social cause, without annoying them!