How Mind Maps Can Help Your Business

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Mind maps can be a great way of organizing and structuring your thoughts. With some practice, anyone can learn to use these on a consistent basis in both their professional and personal life. In the business world, mind maps are an excellent way to quickly draw up an overview of your yearly, monthly, weekly and daily objectives. They can be very helpful in preparing for the upcoming week and in planning priorities for each day.

A mind map is mnemonic by nature, so it is a memory tool that serves a presenter very well. It can be used at the start of a presentation to give a big picture overview of the material that will be covered, and also referred to again at certain key points and used as a way to summarize all of the key points at the end of the presentation.

Software to Create Mind Maps For Business

NovaMind is a leading software package to help users create mind maps for business. Software designer Gideon King and his team continue to offer a steady stream of simple and effective interface improvements that enhance usability for first-time users and experienced mappers alike. An Express version of the software is aimed at first-time mappers and students, while a Pro version is designed to meet the needs of advanced users and for general business applications.

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A premium Platinum version is for real power users, which includes task management and presentation tools, screenwriting tools and the “Suggesterator”, which is an optional free add-on that helps users to brainstorm new words which can be added to their maps. The software features some neat preview capabilities, where you can mouse over a map theme to have it temporarily applied to your map so you can get a full size preview of the visual impact it will have.

Business Uses of Mind Maps

Mind maps have a long history dating back to the 1970s, when they were used principally as an educational tool. Today they are used extensively in the business world for many different organizational functions. One area where mind maps are very useful is in the accounting field. Many accountants use mind maps, and there are examples of mind maps included in the CPA study guide.

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Mind mapping can also support business analysis and business consulting in many ways. It can be a great way of eliciting business requirements and putting these requirements to critical analysis, as well as for VPEC-T analysis and business process mapping. It can also be useful for recording and organizing research findings, and planning and writing reports. Web-based platforms now allow for collaborative mind mapping via the company intranet as well.