How to Find Grants for Small Businesses

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Small Business Grants For Technology Companies

Three small New York businesses in Syracuse and one in Ithaca will be receiving a combined total of nearly $200,000 in government grants to develop products they claim can improve air quality and water systems.

Haledyne Inc. will receive $50,000 to work with Syracuse University and Clarkson University on the testing of a device that uses UV light to kill airborne germs in medical facilities. Antek Inc. will also receive $49,864 to work with the State University College of Environmental Science and Forestry to develop a drain inlet filter that can absorb oil and naphthalene compounds, keeping them out of the storm sewer systems. Indoor Controls LLC will receive a $50,000 grant to work with the Syracuse Center of Excellence on a computer-controlled system that will efficiently manage a building’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and electrical systems to reduce costs.

Grants in Jackson, Mississippi

A city-run program in Jackson, Mississippi is using grants to help small companies affected by recent natural disasters in the area. These grants are being offered through the city’s Small Business Development Grant Program, and the awards will be given companies in need of funding for building improvements and equipment purchases.

So far in 2011 the program has already given out $79,000 to eight Jackson businesses. In addition to the disaster grants, the city offers other grant options for small companies as well, such as the Community Development Block Grant Program and the Storefront Improvement Grant Program. Business owners must provide a 25% spending match to be eligible for either of these grants. It is estimated that more than 240 full-time jobs in the city of Jackson have been created as a direct result of the city’s small business grant programs.