How to Have an Effective Business Meeting

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A More Effective All-Staff Business Meeting

There are ways to enhance corporate communications to better engage employees in an all-staff business meeting. When executives want to communicate important messages or to engage employees, they often hold these town hall style meetings which are supposed to convey the importance of the topic. Yet employees often rank these meetings as some of the least effective.

To avoid this outcome, you should consider foregoing the PowerPoint presentation in lieu of a more personal style of communication. Try to make sure that the conversation is two-way and that in engages people in a discussion. Lastly, don’t hog the state, because staff often want to hear form others in leadership for a fresh perspective. Even charismatic leaders can sound like broken records after a while and this can result in a loss of focus by your audience.

A Business Meeting With Purpose

Ineffective business meetings can result in slumping productivity and wasted time. To improve your business meetings, you should analyze when and how the meetings you have are helpful, and make plans to rework or drop the rest. Look first at the overall culture and your approach to decision making. Meetings should be seen as an opportunity to jointly solve problems, focus on business issues, and gather input.

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Also, you should examine your values related to team engagement and process. Decide whether it is more important to involve a lot of people or to move quickly when needed. Even necessary meetings can be improved by making sure that they start on time, have a clear agenda and stay on task. As the head of a company, you should demonstrate meeting behavior that sets a good example for the rest of the organization.

Virtual Business Meeting Tools

Access to advanced communication technology such as unified communications and video collaboration has the potential to significantly increase productivity and engagement in a business meeting. More intuitive collaboration tools enable workers to share knowledge more efficiently, and many workers have expressed frustration with virtual meeting tools that they consider inadequate. It’s clear that both workers and IT organizations recognize the need for improved communications and collaboration, but finding the best solutions can be difficult.

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Knowledge workers are demanding better tools that are easy and cost effective to deploy and mange, and organizations that figure out how to roll out advanced virtual meeting systems can reap tremendous productivity benefits from these. This is because a good virtual meeting system can accomplish the two most important functions of a meeting, to exchange information and network, while saving on travel costs.