Measured Risks of Social Entrepreneurship

Ashoka en el patio de Njambre [Photo by Njambre coworking] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Erin Krampetz, the Senior Change Manager at Ashoka, talked about the measured risks of social entrepreneurship in a recent interview.

Erin is the force behind the launch of Ashoka U, which works with university campuses to help them develop social entrepreneurship eduation offerings. She notes that creating Ashoka U is an example of a big risk which ended up paying off. She and her business partner Marina Kim managed to pitch the concept successfully to Bill Drayton.

Devoting the resources to this new program was a major risk for Ashoka, but the women were able to convince Drayton that it had the potential to create systemic change by inspiring talented young people. Krampetz also talked about her biggest risk which didn’t pay off, which was her conference organization for the Changemaker Campus program.