Music For the Masses Through Social Enterprise

Detrend City Rockers @ Talshocken (2) [Photo by Libertinus] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The British DJ & MC Academy is an innovative youth arts social enterprise that has been operating in London since February 2008. the founders, DJ Trickles and Lady MC are both award nominees and artists for fourteen years who have hosted their own radio show on the award winning Kool FM.

The two female DJ’s decided to set up the academy to help young artists who often find it difficult to get into business, and so far they’ve worked with more than 2,000 young people to have a real impact on the estates and communities of London. The two realized that music was a huge engagement tool to capture the interest of young people who are at risk from negative activities and headed down the wrong path. They use music to guide them back into education, training or other positive activities.

Social Enterprise Music Festival

Music festivals are also being used as a form of social enterprise in the UK, where the Kenilworth Festival hosted a ‘Party in the Park’ at Abbey Fields. In spite of the rain, the festival attracted people from around the country who came to enjoy the live music, watch demonstrations and peruse the vast array of food, trade and craft stalls.

tennessee splendor [Photo by johnnyalive] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The large event, which also included a children’s area and fairground rides, lasts for a total of nine days. The festival has been running for three years, but this year is the first time it has been run as a social enterprise to benefit the people of Kenilworth, and to involve them as well. Other firsts at this year’s festival included the town’s first food fair, and the first events to be staged in a marquee.

Social Enterprise Develops Talent

Another British social enterprise that involves music is also run by two women, Eve Horne and Jessica Farrar. Continuous Entertainment is a music company that they set up with the help of funding form The Prince’s Trust in 2005 with the principal aim of developing aspiring musical talent, especially among groups who would to otherwise be able to afford access to a recording studio.

2008-04-24-001 [Photo by Alex //Berlin _ Alexander Stübner] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

They have provided music production, song writing, sound engineering and artistic development services to more than 160 artists of varying age, ability , age, race and gender. Eve Horne explains their philosophy that musical talent isn’t limited to people who are lucky enough to be able to afford professional studio facilities. Continuous Entertainment has found a way to offer an affordable facility for many talented people to explore and develop their talent.