Non-Sucky Non Profit Marketing - Teleclasses Start Sept 1

Hey all,
Matthew here.

Just wanted to share with you an opportunity to help you with your marketing efforts for social good.

The Fairy Godparent Business: How to Make Money and Grant Wishes (Or, Non-Sucky Non-Profit Marketing)

Cottage Copy is offering a 5-part series of teleclasses that run in September, 2011.

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The official dates are:

September 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th — 7 p.m. est

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About the Teleclass Provider, Holly Jackson

Non Sucky Non Profit Marketing Teleclasses by Holly JacksonHere’s some info from the actual provider of the teleclass, Holly Jackson!

Holly Jackson is a freelance columnist, writing teacher, and copywriter for brands who want to buck the system and do things their own way. She lives in Mississippi and loves oyster po boy sandwiches and great novels.

I like that she has exexperience herself in the non profit field. Check out what she had to say about it:

“My first job was at a non-profit. It was a program like the Boys and Girls club, but for kids from even scarier life situations. Three days a week, we taught them how to play games without punching each other in the face. We fed them snacks and gave them hugs. We loved our jobs.

The rest of the week was spent around a small wooden table in an abandoned classroom arguing about marketing. We drank too much coffee, and had fierce arguments about everything we could think of. Were kids “dirt poor” or “economically challenged”? Were statistics or stories more effective when we wrote marketing materials? By the time I really knew all the answers, I couldn’t take it anymore. I quit.

I started to help non-profits online, my way. I wrote out their stories and got them support. I helped them talk about who they were rather than how much money they needed. It all worked.

This class will focus on developing a marketing message that is story based rather than numbers based. We won’t ignore numbers entirely (after all, your grant committee has probably heard it all), but you’ll learn how to balance them with the material that gets people to press a donate button. “

What you’ll get in “Non-Sucky Non Profit Marketing” Teleclasses

  • Five teleclasses where you’ll learn all the tricks and tips that professional copywriters use every day.
  • A workbook with exclusive articles and re-useable worksheets to help you put concepts into practice.
  • A private discussion area to work with your classmates on your homework and your entrepreneurial domination plans.
  • One hour of private time with me to help you solve your personal copywriting hangups.

The 5 Modules:

1. Hearts and Calculators: Developing a Marketing Strategy that Works.

Numbers matter to everyone, but they’re essential to the survival of any great non-profit. The problem is that sometimes you’re so focused on numbers, you lose track of the bigger story that you’re telling. In this module you’ll learn how to balance your metrics and your money with the heart of your marketing.

2. The Art of the Story.

We’ve all been telling the same stories since ancient times; it’s no coincidence that the same storytelling structures have been in place since nearly the beginning of time. In this module you’ll learn about traditional storytelling structures, and how to incorporate them into your marketing in surprising and unexpected ways.

3. How To Deal With Donations (Without Begging).

The Internet has opened up a whole wide world of potential donors for you, but you have to find them first. In this module we’ll talk about creative and fun ways to get people to donate to your cause without begging or pleading.

4. Creating Content For A Cause.

Every business relies on core content, but non-profits need it most of all. Your story is constantly evolving, so your content should be as well. However, unlike for-profit businesses, you really need to stick to one message. This module will teach you how to be creative with your content while making sure that your message is heard loud and clear.

5. Help, I Have Questions!

In this module you can ask me whatever you want. We’ll go back over anything you’re confused about, and wrap things up.

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