Review of QuickBooks Software

Quickbooks online purchase options from Intuit [Photo by adria.richards] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Review of QuickBooks Premier Edition

The QuickBooks brand is the best-selling small business accounting product available today, and the latest offering from Intuit is the QuickBooks Premier Edition 2011. This edition features some upgrades that will help to hone in on financial standing, improve the speed of collections, save time on completing transactions and access data remotely.

The Premier Edition is similar to past versions in that it starts by asking about your company’s makeup, needs and activities, and then creates a backbone for your data and transactions. However, there is now an option for a more comprehensive setup that walks you through contact imports form Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail or Excel. These contacts can be designated as customers, vendors or employees. Wizards also walk you through the process of adding products, services, and bank accounts.

Review of QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is tried and tested technology that covers most small business requirments. There are three versions of the software available, which include QuickBooks Online Simple Start, QuickBooks Online Essential and QuickBooks Online Plus. Simple Start is the cheapest version for a single user, and in the UK there is no VAT or suppliers ledger and only basic reporting with this version.

The Online Essential version for up to three users provides for all accounting functions, multi-currency and some forty reports including a graphical Snapshot dashboard view. The Online Plus version for up to five users adds budgets, recharge of expenses to customers and location tracking, along with more reports. A business can set up their accountant as an additional user on each version, and can also create unlimited “read only” users.