The Shift Towards Innovative Cause Marketing Online

Design by connection [Photo by dgray_xplane] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Hey all,
Matthew here.

So I’ve been hanging out at my home in Australia over the past couple of months, after spending 2 years in Bangladesh and a couple of months in India and Nepal.

This website started off focusing solely on social entrepreneurship and social business, but more and more, people have been coming up to me in Australia and over the net to ask for advice about internet marketing and top search engine rankings, and how to use it powerfully to change the world. I think they’ve been impressed with this website and blog overall, and it’s been a combination of social enterprises, businesses and nonprofits who have asked me for advice over the net and in real life!

For example, over the past 2 months while I’ve been here in Australia, I’ve met with and spoken to more than 30 leading Sydney nonprofits. In addition, to this I’ll be meeting with a few Sydney based entrepreneurs next week, as they’ve requested me to help them out with their ecommerce website design services. Many of their questions have been in regards to how they can use the power of the internet to leverage their marketing, so that they can spread the word about their cause and programs to a wider audience.

I’m really humbled by it, and I am wanting to help more people to really change the world. Social business is all about that – using business acumen and applying it to social problems. Now, I want to also delve into ideas of innovative marketing technologies like social media, an seo audit and online fundraising, and how it can be leveraged for the social good too.

I think social entrepreneurship and online cause marketing go hand in hand really well. What do you think?

Anyway, this trend that I am seeing just from the large amount of organizations and people that have approached me, leads me to conclude that it’s worth delving into the subject alot more. So you will be seeing alot more about online social marketing and cause marketing in the next few months. Get involved and share your thoughts too (I’m excited to hear from you!) as we take it to the next level together to help more causes and change the world.