Social Entrepreneur Paul Hawken

Planet Sunset [Photo by kevindooley] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Social entrepreneur Paul Hawken is the founder of the WiserEarth organization, an nonprofit open-source networking service he launched in 2007 based on the ideas in his book “Blessed Unrest.” The goal of WiserEarth is to connect NPOs, social entrepreneurs, government organizations, students, and others with a a concern for social and environmental problems.

WiserEarth started out as an online directory with hundreds of thousands of listings and links to social enterprises and related groups worldwide. But Hawken felt he could do more to help these organizations, so he tapped the social media world to allow users to interact with one another and connect based on their shared concerns. One young entrepreneur in Indonesia, Wibowo Sulistio, was inspired by WiserEarth and and began volunteering for the organization as an editor. He later became a paid editor in chief after the WiserEarth team noticed his dedication and enthusiasm for the project.