Social Entrepreneurialism in Oregon

That Way [Photo by justinbaeder] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

DePaul Industries is a leader in social entrepreneurialism in the Northwest, and the company was recognized for their contributions as a recent winner of the Oregon Ethics in Business Award. In a fancy award ceremony at The Governor Hotel in Portland, Oregon the CEO of the nonprofit DePaul industries accepted the award which is reserved for those organizations that demonstrate the highest ethical standards in their dealings with the community, the market, their employees and the environment.

DePaul industries is a Portland institution which recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. The mission of DePaul industries has always been to provide work opportunities for those with disabilities, including developmental, illness-related and injury-related disabilities that would preclude them from most private employment. Many of those workers trained by DePaul industries do go on to work at other organizations, with a success rate of up to 50% who make this transition.