Social Entrepreneurship Companies in the US

Manhattan Bridge [Photo by Scott Hudson] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Social entrepreneurship companies in the US like BigBelly Solar, in Needham, Massachusetts help municipalities to save time and money by installing solar-powered trash compactors. The $4 million company markets its environmentally friendly trash compactors worldwide, and has sold over 2,000 of them to date.

Another social entrepreneurship company called CraftNetwork is based in New York but has operations in Bali, where they help to boost employment in poor communities by marketing the works of artisans on the retail and wholesale fashion markets in developed countries. The company is making over $600,000 in revenues from its operations. PharmaJet is another social entrepreneurship venture from Golden, Colorado which has received FDA clearance to sell an innovative, needle-free injection device in the developing world which will help to reduce the spread of disease.