Social Entrepreneurship Example in the Social Media Space

Sevenly love <3 [Photo by .MegLynn.] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

A social entrepreneurship example from the social media space is being described by some as the next TOMS Shoes. The fashion startup “Sevenly” was founded by two young social entrepreneurs from Southern California who have used social media to gain attention successful online clothing store that raises capital and awareness for nonprofits.

The 19 and 26 year old co-founders of Sevenly were successfully entrepreneurs before the venture, but said that these prior efforts felt empty and they both wanted to do something more significant to help others. They put in months of research and realized that many charities were going out of business due to lack of funding and lack of awareness, so the two set out to change that by pursuing a social enterprise model based on their experience with social media tactics and their substantial online connections.