Social Entrepreneurship Idea for Empowering Voters

Vote [Photo by alancleaver_2000] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The social entrepreneurship idea behind Think Act Vote was the desire by Amisha Ghadiali to empower people to choose their own futures through the power of democracy. The simple question behind the project was to ask people to visualize the world that they would like to live in, and this simple idea generated a lot of excitement around the project.

Given Amisha’s previous projects as the associate director for the Ethical Fashion Forum, she felt the need to incorporate a fashion element into her new project. So she decided to launch a T-shirt design competition and create a line of environmentally-themed T-shirts in a partnership with eco-fashion design company Komodo. She managed to get some leading fashion designers to participate with custom pieces made from recycled materials and then hosted an interactive photo-booth event where people were filmed wearing the fashion designs and talking about their ideas for a better world.