Social Marketing Expert Training

Facebook's Secret Message to Me [Photo by boltron-] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Lake Michigan College utilized the services of Social Marketing Expert, an organization dedicated to helping small businesses and groups to more effectively use social media marketing. SME helped the college to organize low cost webinars about Twitter, LinkedIn, Social Media Marketing and Facebook. The webinars focused on the social media opportunities for business and nonprofits across a variety of industries.

The organization also conducts educational seminars on social media which demonstrate how social media can be integrated into a successful user engagement strategy. The seminars feature case studies of successful social media campaigns and allow participants to get their questions answered and share their stories.

SME serves the South Bend, Indiana area with their seminars, but their website is a great resource for organizations worldwide. They feature many helpful articles on the latest social marketing technologies and ideas, such as using social bookmark sites in an SEO campaign and how to benefit from marketing on LinkedIn.