Urbandub's Future Music Video - Very Cool

Hey all,
I want to mix it up in the content I give you.

Not only do I want to inform and inspire you all, I also am keen to entertain you in a positive way!

That’s why I am now thinking of moving more in the direction of finding out some very cool Youtube videos that are entertaining, but also motivational and interesting, and worth watching for passionate people out there who want to change the world.

Urbandub’s Future Music Video

We are the future
We own the future
Let the youth open their minds
The right to stay alive.

This music video is of a song that I really like. I’ve listened to it dozens of times over the past few years, and I always enjoy watching the video. The song’s in English, and it features a number of Filipino music artists in the video.

Urbandub are very cool too. I’ve got one of their albums.

Creating Awareness about Kids Living with AIDS

The music video is about creating awareness about children living with HIV/AIDS.

In the first frame, there is a daunting figure: “Every 15 Seconds a Child is Infected with HIV.”

As a young person myself, I like the inspirational lyrics of the song – the melody is very awesome too.


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