Most Innovative Products That Help Disabled People

Have a heart [Photo by Sam Felder] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

1. Innovative Showers For Disabled People

Nationwide-mobility is the UK’s leading provider of bathing aids for disabled people. They offer no obligation home consultations for clients who are looking for bathroom accessories such as mobility showers, disabled showers, walk in showers and walk in bath tubs. This service is designed for those people who want to discuss their individual requirements with an expert in the comfort of their own homes. This is especially helpful for those how have difficulty traveling due to physical restrictions.

Nationwide-mobility is a leading manufacturer of bathing products in the UK and is widely known for providing a comprehensive range of products and accessories that are uniquely designed to mean the special physical requirements of disabled people. Their products are created to provide customers with value, reliability, ease of use and above all safety, as each product is engineered to stringent quality and performance standards.

2. High Tech Bathroom System Helps Disabled People

Another bathroom system that is specifically designed for disabled people who lack adequate bathroom facilities at home due to space constraints can cut the high cost of converting existing bathrooms into accessible ones using conventional construction methods. This high tech solution can potentially help up to 54 million Americans who are facing these challenges, and that number is growing due to the aging baby boomers.

Wyng Products has developed a patented bathroom fixture system that combines the seating area occupied by the toilet and shower into one assembly. The system maximizes existing bathroom space and provides accessibility for the disabled, while improving the ability of service providers to assist residents. The heart of this system is an innovative shower bench that combines the seating area occupied by the toilet and the shower into the same space. In most cases it can be installed in an existing bathroom and thus eliminates the need for major demolition and substantially reduces costs.

3. Disabled Facilities

For those who prefer a more traditional bathroom solution, Casbon Building Services is showing off their range of disabled facilities installations and general wet rooms at an exhibit in the UK city of Springfields. Casbon is a small local business that has launched an innovative mobile showroom which allows people to view examples of products that can suit their needs, including wet rooms, doors, flooring and basins. The firm also installs ramps and rails, and builds ground floor extensions to house level-access showers.

Fourteen years of experience has earned Casbon a reputation as one of the most highly regarded businesses in their field. Thanks to local government grants, the company’s mobility work has really taken off in the last five years, and it has grown to the point that the firm is installing about 100 level-access shower rooms each year.