Book on Social Entrepreneurship Ideas

Hope Arriving [Photo by h.koppdelaney] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Good social entrepreneurship ideas can be found in many places, including in some of the top books which have been written on the subject recently.

Wilford Welch and David Hopkins collaborated on one inspiring book on social enterprise called Tactics of Hope: How Social Entrepreneurs Are Changing Our World. Welsh claims that social entrepreneurship is the fastest growing movement in the history of the world, and the book celebrates many individual stories.

One of these is the story of Brazilian physician Vera Cordeiro, whose compassion for destitute children and mothers led her to set up a health clinic in the only space that was available to her at the time, a horse stable. Soon afterward, she developed the Children’s Health Association as a new approach to fighting poverty and ill health. Her comprehensive approach to health, which includes looking at housing, income, education and citizenship simultaneously, is a groundbreaking approach.