How To Find a Social Entrepreneurship Job

Shayna : found a treasure [Photo by tibchris] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

There are two major sites online that are devoted to listing social entrepreneurship job opportunities. These sites are Jobs for Change and Idealist.

Another great source is of course my own social enterprise job listings at – Click to check it out!

Another very effective way of searching for a social entrepreneurship job is by using email, Facebook, Linked In and phone conversations to create one-to-one relationships with social entrepreneurs in your chosen nice. This strategy is especially useful in social entrepreneurship because human resource departments at these organizations may be minimal, over-stretched or non-existent.

Also, given the fact that it’s a new field it’s natural that hiring norms haven’t necessarily been established. Nonprofits are in a cost-cutting phase along with the rest of America and other parts of the world today, so it’s wise to think about how you can outsource your skills to several of these companies. This will make you a more attractive prospect to them by lowering the costs of bringing you on as an employee.