Review of Business Plan Pro Software

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Why Use Business Plan Pro Software

Business Plan Pro is a top selling business plan software package that saves time, helps to avoid mistakes and creates wining plans that get results for small businesses. Palo Alto software offers two editions of Business Plan Pro, a top selling Premier Edition for $159.95 and a more basic Standard Edition for $99.95. Writing a great business plan is challenging for many small business owners, but using the right tools can make it much easier.

Business Plan Pro provides all the feature and advice necessary to write a confident plan that will get expert results. The software package includes examples at every step, with over 500 sample plans included with the software to help you write every part of your plan. The examples tab next to each section makes it easy to access just what you need, and you can even cut and paste from these samples if you find just the right one that works for you.

Business Plan Pro Review

Business Plan Pro has won top ratings from software review websites. This is because it provides powerful features and an interface that is simple enough for even a beginner to use. A start-up wizard helps users to get going quickly, and by answering a few quick questions many of the forms are automatically populated with information that is needed for key reports, charts and spreadsheets. In addition to the software itself, the package includes several useful additional tools including e-books, sample plans, industry profiles and free offers.

Business Plan Pro Premier

There are more then 9,000 industry profiles that are included in a database to provide users with industry averages. This can help them to determine how best to forecast numbers for marketing, cost per unit, and other industry expenses. The area of forecasting is likely the most significant element of a business plan, and the software does not skimp in this area as it provides a simple way for users to change their sales and expense estimates on the fly.

Personal Experience Using Business Plan Pro

I’ve actually had the opportunity to get a copy of Business Plan Pro, and there are some advantages that I want to highlight, as well as some challenges I faced as well.

Advantages of Business Plan Pro Software

The best thing I liked about the software was that it made it guided you through writing a business plan. If you are a novice at business plan writing, the software comes with a wizard that prompts you with specific questions about where you are in your business and where you would like to go with it. The examples that are provided are also very helpful.

Another major benefit I liked about the software was that it did come with ebooks that give you an insight into the business planning process overall. This for me was really valuable. The software may ask you certain questions and asks for your input, butit was great to read the business planning book to get into perspective about how it all comes together.

Some Disadvantages of Business Plan Pro Software

One of the challenges I had with the Business Plan Pro software was that I found it to be quite rigid at times. There are moments when I want to add certain kinds of input that don’t easily fit into the software’s predetermined wizard questions. Also, there are times when I want the formatting to look different, and it can be hard to navigate the software to do that. It may be easier for expert business plan writers to simply use Microsoft Office if they’re already familiar with what they want to present in the business plan.

Nonetheless, the software overall is a great tool, particularly for entrepreneurs who need guidance with their business plans.