Social Entrepreneurship Example From Silicon Valley

Meanwhile, above Silicon Valley [Photo by joiseyshowaa] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Recent trends favor the rise of social enterprise, as a vibrant community of socially conscious startups has already bred some creative approaches to world problems.

One innovative social entrepreneurship example is the Silicon Valley company Driptech. They’ve developed a proprietary manufacturing process to build affordable and expandable drip irrigation systems for small plot farmers around the world.

Drip irrigation consists of inexpensive tubing that delivers targeted drops of water where crops are planted, so it uses minimal energy for pumping. This eliminates the need for wasteful flood irrigation in regions where fresh water is scare, and it’s proven to increase crop yields as well. The mechanical engineer behind Driptech realized from the beginning that in order to help farmers in the developing world, his system of interconnected tubes had to not only be effective but also affordable.