Social Marketing Solutions for Branding

Twitter escultura de arena [Photo by Rosaura Ochoa] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Social marketing solutions for branding can help organizations to foster user engagement and affinity and to improve their conversion rates. This can help for profit businesses but also social enterprises, too.

Brand marketers invest in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter because of their potential to draw large audiences, and many savvy brands are also investing in proprietary social networks to strengthen their branding and build their core audiences. Proprietary social networks allow a brand to gain more information on target customers and markets and to have more influence over sales and marketing efforts.

Social marketing firms provide solutions in the form of social marketing blueprints, sometimes referred to as social branding, social commerce or social CRM. These blueprints have provided value to many global brands in recent years. These brands include Southwest Airlines, Kraft and the NFL, which uses social branding to lead an online football conversation.

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