Using Social Marketing Tools

Twitter website screenshot [Photo by Spencer E Holtaway] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Small organizations can use social marketing tools to their advantage, but deciding which ones are best for your marketing needs can be challenging.

The key to success is educating yourself on the various tools available and the contexts in which they will be most effective. For example, one tool that can be useful in social marketing is Google Alerts. This service provides email updates on the latest Google search results for a given topic that is specified by the user.

Other social marketing tools include video search engines and audio search engines like Podscope and EveryZing. These search engines utilize multimedia search. There are also blog search engines such as Bloglines which is a news aggregator. It enables searches of blogs and news feeds and allows users to share updates. Google Blog Search is another important social media search tool which competes with search engines like IceRocket and Technorati.