3 Social Entrepreneurship Conferences

Here are 3 major social entrepreneurship conferences!

1. Social Entrepreneurship Conference at NYU Stern

DrupalCon London Group Photo [Photo by Drupal Association] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The 7th annual Satter social entrepreneurship conference was held by the Berkley Center at the NYU Stern School of Business. This conference brought together leading experts from the academic, nonprofit and for-profit fields to present, debate and discuss new knowledge, theories and strategies for measuring social impact and the social capital market.

In addition to the academic conference, a one day practitioner conference offered hands-on instruction and solutions for social entrepreneurs seeking to better measure their impact related to the growing marketplace of impact investing. Previous year’s conferences have featured panel discussions, live case studies, and speakers from many of the leading organizations that measure social impact, including Mission Measurement, Acumen Fund, Rockefeller Foundation, Robin Hood Foundation, Bridgespan, and the Center for What Works, to name a few.

2. Social Entrepreneurship Conference in Miami

An annual social entrepreneurship conference in Miami called the SVC/SE is a great opportunity to learn, network and connect with hundreds of top social enterprise and finance leaders and organizations from Latin America, the Caribbean and the state of Florida, in addition to global organizations that are interested in expanding to the region.

The conference goals are to promote economic development within the region by utilizing social venture capital and social enterprise. Another goal is to establish Miami as a capital of social enterprise for Latin America, the Caribbean and the state of Florida, and to contribute and support continued construction of the local social enterprise ecosystem. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to educate traditional finance, including private banking, venture capital and angel investment, on investment opportunities within the realm of social enterprise.

3. Social Entrepreneurship Conference at Adelphi University

A social entrepreneurship conference at Adelphi University last year was called Social Entrepreneurship , Systems Thinking and Complexity. Sponsored in conjunction with ISCE Publishing, the conference brought together leading thinkers in complexity theory, social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and leadership research.

The goal was to explore how the principles of entrepreneurship, when understood within a complexity paradigm, can bring about lasting and positive social change. Attendees of the conference gained a better understanding of the state of research in these areas and the new possibilities uncovered through this unique perspective.

The University set up a social entrepreneurship & complexity WikiSpace page in conjunction with the conference, which is intended to further the development of knowledge on complex systems leadership theories and network theories which also includes research methods and empirical studies.