Setting Up a Non Profit Facebook Page

Facebook's Secret Message to Me [Photo by boltron-] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Following some useful tips can help you to set up an effective nonprofit Facebook Page, from improving the look of the page to building or buying facebook fans.

Facebook has recently added some new features which offer even more potential to generate awareness with the popular site. You should only allow the official representative of your organization may set up a Facebook Page, in order to better control the message you are broadcasting. Therefore, you want to limit access to your Page Admin status, and carefully consider what information you include on this page and which applications you add.

You also need to consider what fan permissions are appropriate in terms of adding content, and don’t forget to add an eye-catching logo or picture to your Page. It can be useful to browse through the Facebook Nonprofits directory to view examples of how other groups are using Facebook Pages as well.

One of the most important aspect of Facebook pages is the building up of facebook fans. There are a number of ways to build up your fans. Buying facebook fans is one option, and some organizations have sought help from professional companies that help you find and build your fan list. Many nonprofits, however, may not have the funds to pay for help to their Facebook pages, so they may have to grow their lists manually and gradually, such as by advertising their page on their promotional materials or giving away freebies for anyone who “likes” their page.