Social Entrepreneurship San Francisco

A number of my website visitors come from the United States, and in particular, from San Francisco. As a tribute to all you from SF, here are 3 social entrepreneurship San Francisco initiatives.

1. Young Women in Social Entrepreneurship San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge [Photo by] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Young Women in Social Entrepreneurship San Francisco chapter is a growing community of women in the Bay Area who are committed to supporting each other as they work towards social and environmental change in their respective fields. The diverse membership of this group is a source of strength, with members spanning a wide spectrum of professions, ages and backgrounds. They invite those with a passion for social entrepreneurship to get involved with their network by attending events or programs, or joining as a member. All of their work is volunteer led and member driven, and there are many leadership opportunities available within the organization. In 2011, the group has focused their efforts on deepening connections between members. Upcoming events include an annual YWSE retreat in the Marin Headlands in September, and an Autumn Solution Salon in September as well.

2. REDF Social Entrepreneurship San Francisco

Homeless or a Case of Bedless? [Photo by moriza] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Roberts Development Fund (REDF) is a social entrepreneurship San Francisco based organization with a focus on creating jobs that change people’s lives. For young people and adults that are facing major barriers to gainful employment, getting a rewarding job can seem impossible. REDF has pioneered a model to employ individuals who are dealing with chronic poverty, homelessness, criminal history, substance abuse and mental illness. REDF is a venture philanthropy organization that invests in nonprofit-run businesses called social enterprises. Many of the people who have gained employment through social enterprise jobs are still with these jobs two years later, and are now able to contribute to their families, communities and to the economy. REDF is committed to scaling their successful model by taking it statewide to create jobs for thousands of Californians who have been shut out of the workforce.

3. Social Entrepreneurship San Francisco Alliance

The Social Enterprise Alliance is a social entrepreneurship San Francisco chapter of a national organization which provides networking opportunities and resources for social entrepreneurs. The chapter was officially established I 2009 with the goals of providing value to Bay Area social enterprises and SF Chapter members, being the go-to resources for those involved in Bay Area social enterprise, and supporting advocacy for social enterprise. The organization provides many opportunities for education, networking and information exchange to its members. For example, a recent social enterprise networking night in May gathered professionals, practitioners and curious individuals to meet and exchange ideas at the SEA Mixer. Organizations including Project Happiness, CVE and Centro Community Partners, among others, participated in a diverse and lively conversation. The organization encourages everyone from veterans to startup ventures, consultants, coaches and teachers of social enterprise to attend their free events.