Website Design for Nonprofits Brings Companies and Charities Together

Saturday morning routine [Photo by Robert S. Donovan] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Webixi is a firm that specializes in website design for nonprofits. The company decided to host a summit at the Baltimore Convention Center this year with the ambitious goal of bringing private companies and charities together for the benefit of both.

The 2011 Small Business Survival Summit which was held September 7 -9, and the organizers hoped it would give small business owners and nonprofits that are struggling with a difficult economy to network, share ideas, and benefit from useful seminars on staying efficient and competitive to help them outlast the economic downturn. Small businesses are the engine of the economy and represent the best chance for recovery and lasting strength, according to the founders of Webixi.

They also acknowledge the critical role that nonprofits like the Maryland Children’s Alliance play in their local community, and Webixi supports this organization with a fundraiser banquet which will coincide with the summit.